what are all the requirements that you need to start create a website with a shopping cart?

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Process is very simple let me share with you.

First, we will discuss the project specifications with you then show our packages or will give you a custom quote. Upon agreeing on the package and price, we will provide you with a secure payment link where you can go and process the payment online by yourself OR You can provide us with the info and I can forward it to the billing department and they will process the payment. – Once the payment is processed, we will be emailing you the website questionnaire which has few simple questions you need to fill it and send it back to us. – Based on your requirements and website(s) that you like/prefer, our designers will create a homepage design for you. – Once, you see the homepage design and if there are any changes you will let us know and we will get them done for you. – Once, you see the revised homepage design and approve it then we will move to design the inner pages of the website. – Once, you see the inner pages and there are some changes that you have to any particular page or section you will let us know and we will get those changes done for you. – Once, you see the changes on inner pages and approve them all, then we will move towards the frontend development i.e. HTML, CSS, BootStrap, Yenope, Modernizr, Mobile Responsive etc. – We will show you the alpha version of the site on a test link, for example, where you will see the demo version of the website. – If you will have any change on the test link you will let us know and our front-end developers will get it done. – Once you check everything and approve than we will move to the development of the website and will connect Content Management System (From where you can edit/delete/add pages, images, content, links, banners, products, descriptions, pricing and can do a lot more.), will integrate online appointment/scheduling, custom forms, database and more. (Depending upon the package) – At this point, we will need the content and images etc that you like us to use for the website so that we add them in place before the beta version. (In the initial stages we will be using dummy content and images.) – Once the development is done all the content is placed, we will show you the beta version and will do the testing on the beta version of the website that you and your team can check as well the whole process/flow of the website if any changes required you can let us know and we will do that for you. – Once you are 100% satisfied, you can let us know and we will publish/deploy the website on the domain name and hosting. Also, we offer you the following guarantee’s 100% Unique Designs, 100% Ownership Rights, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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